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Valentine's Day Assorted Printed Tissue Papers

Valentine's Day Assorted Printed Tissue Papers

$ 12.99

Elevate your Valentine's Day gift presentations with the Valentine's Day Assorted Printed Tissue Papers. This pack of 30 tissue papers features a delightful assortment of prints, adding a charming touch to your gifts and making them even more special.


  • Assorted Prints: The tissue paper pack includes a variety of Valentine's Day-themed prints, such as hearts, love letters, and romantic patterns, offering a diverse selection for your gift wrapping needs.
  • Enhance Gift Presentation: Add a layer of sophistication and creativity to your gifts with these printed tissue papers, making your Valentine's Day surprises even more visually appealing.
  • Quantity: With 30 sheets per pack, you have an ample supply to wrap multiple gifts or use them for various crafting and decorating purposes.


  • Quantity: 30 tissue papers per pack, providing a generous supply for your Valentine's Day gift wrapping and crafting projects.
  • Prints: Assorted Valentine's Day prints, offering a range of designs to suit different preferences and themes.
  • Size: Standard tissue paper size, ensuring versatility for various gift sizes and crafting applications.

Transform your Valentine's Day gifts into works of art with the Valentine's Day Assorted Printed Tissue Papers. Whether you're wrapping chocolates, jewelry, or other heartfelt presents, these tissue papers add a festive and romantic flair to your gift presentations. With an assortment of prints and a generous quantity, this pack allows you to express your love and creativity in every wrapped gift, creating a memorable and visually delightful experience for your loved ones.

20"x20" Valentine's Day Printed Tissue Paper Multi-Pack - 30 Sheets (Assorted) (180228)

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