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Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

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Every year, before Thanksgiving arrives, I usually spend so much time planning the big Thanksgiving meal and Thanksgiving decorations for the house, that I almost always forget about a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Sometimes, I wait so long that I just don't have enough time to make or get one.  So, I end up driving around to different flower stores to see if I can find a floral centerpiece that looks great but is not too expensive.  But, usually all the best ones have already been sold, or the prices are just too high for a real Fall floral arrangement.

So, in recent years, I've opted for a Silk Floral Thanksgiving arrangement.  They look great and can be re-used for subsequent Thanksgiving get-togethers, which makes it economical. I've found Silk Fall floral arrangements to be quite beautiful and realistic looking, and they make a great Fall centerpiece. They are a charming addition to the Thanksgiving tabletop decorations, which adds that amazing final touch to the feasting table.

Faux Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces come in different styles, such as floral -- all flowers, floral harvest -- flowers, fall berries and vegetables, floral with a candleabrum -- flowers with one or more candle holders in the middle to give off a lovely glow, harvest cornucopia -- faux harvest vegetables, pumpkins, and berries, to name a few.

 Here are some ideas for a faux Thanksgiving centerpiece that are sure to make your Thanksgiving table decor look extraordinary.

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This faux Sunflower Harvest Candelabrum makes a great Fall table decoration. This Thanksgiving centerpiece features vibrant sunflowers, berries, and Fall leaves on top of a decorative metal stand. A candle holder sits in the middle of the fall bouquet.
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This 54 inch long faux Thanksgiving pumpkin and gourd garland combines the best elements of the Autumn season. This Thanksgiving decoration idea features pretty pumpkins, gourds and Autumn hued leaves. Use it as a table decoration for the center of your dinner table on top of a table cloth runner or in place of a runner.


This faux Sunflower Candelabrum makes a wonderful Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. This Fall tabletop decoration features vibrant colored sunflowers with green leaves, with a candle holder in the middle. Imagine having a lovely, sunny glow emanating from your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.


fall centerpiece ideas,thanksgiving table decor,thanksgiving centerpieces

This gorgeous faux Hydrangea and Berries Candelabrum makes a fantastic Autumn centerpiece. This Thanksgiving decoration idea features beautiful rust and gold colored hydrangea flowers, small berries, and lovely green leaves, with a candle holder in the middle. This Fall centerpiece idea is so pretty, you might just want to keep it out all year long.


This rustic faux Maple Leaf Garland measures 60 inches long, and makes a wonderful decoration for your Thanksgiving table or your fireplace mantel. This Fall garland features beautiful maple leaves in all the different colors of Autumn. Use it to decorate the center of your Thanksgiving table or around the house to decorate your home.


These special faux Autumn Hydrangea Flowers in Vases makes decorating your Thanksgiving dinner table easy, no matter how long your table is.  Place them down the center of your Thanksgiving dinner table, and your family and friends can see and enjoy these festive flowers no matter where they are sitting. These Thanksgiving flowers will add beauty to your Thanksgiving table decor.


This faux Triple Harvest faux Thanksgiving Candelabrum gives us the warm feelings of home and hearth.  This Thanksgiving centerpiece idea features pumpkins, gourds, berries and Autumn hued leaves, with 3 candle holders in the center. Simply beautiful.


Dahlias and Chrysanthemums are beautiful ... especially in Autumn colored hues. This faux Dahlia and Chrysanthemum With Vase Arrangement features a stunning Fall bouquet of Thanksgiving flowers in a lovely vase with Liquid Illusion faux water. Use this lovely arrangement as your Fall table decorations, or around the house to remind you of the beautiful Autumn season.


To view more Thanksgiving decorating ideas, please visit our Thanksgiving section HERE.



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