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Rustic Weddings

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 Rustic Weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. When one thinks of “rustic style”, some things that come to mind are barns, wagons, homemade signs, burlap, lace, mason jars, and wildflowers. The ambiance of a Rustic Wedding can be very diverse – casual or elegant or anything in between, but is sure to have a heartwarming, relaxed, natural, and simply cozy feel. Part of what makes a Rustic Wedding so inviting, are the touches of nature, natural and organic fabrics, homemade food and drinks, and nice yet casual attire.

A Rustic Wedding can be styled and tailored to the wedding couple’s personalities, lifestyle, favorite colors and what is most meaningful to them. The Rustic Wedding Theme can be combined with other themes to add more unique and creative design and color touches to the Wedding. Such mixed Rustic wedding themes include Vintage Rustic, French Rustic, Western Rustic, Shabby Chic Rustic, Modern Chic Rustic, Retro Rustic, and brides are creating even more unique rustic themes as they plan their weddings.  

Often, Rustic Weddings are held in barns, but they can also be held in many other locations such as backyards, camp sites, national parks, vineyards, farms, a lake, in the mountains, on a ranch, botanical gardens or even by the sea. Or, if those locations are not available, a wedding couple can select a location, indoors or outdoors, and decorate it in their own personal Rustic style by “bringing nature in”.

There are so many options when decorating a Rustic Wedding. Working with the natural landscape of the venue, will highlight the beauty and timeless feel of nature. The Rustic Wedding decorations should complement and blend in well with the natural landscape. Rustic Wedding decorations can include:

Pine cones
Mason jars
Twine, rope
Old picture frames
Old lanterns
Old milk jars
Colorful straws
Old typewriter
Old furniture
Vintage keys
Different sized and shaped vases
Birch bark
Garlands made of Leaves, greenery, twigs
Wild flowers
Pumpkins, acorns
Bird and animal accents
Twinkle lights
Western hats
Homemade foods such as honey, jam, pies
Burlap table clothes, runners, banners
Handmade signs – wood, tin, or even stone
Lace accents
Do it yourself gift tags, and other paper items
Tin can lanterns
Floral crowns
Hanging ribbon displays
Bales of hay, straw
Wooden fences
Tree branches
Old suit cases
Cowboy boots
Gingham fabric, ribbon or the pattern
Wooden tables, wooden chairs, benches
Woven baskets
Antique items
Troughs, basins, pails, trunks
wagon wheels


Much creativity can be used in decorating for a Rustic Wedding with the items mentioned above. Some examples are as follows: Use mason jars as vases, Use bales of hay for seating, Use a clothesline and clothes pins to hold placecards or pictures, Use old basins or troughs to hold beverages, Use woven baskets or an old suitcase to hold well wisher notes.

Also, since many old, reusable items can be used to decorate a Rustic Wedding, changes can be made to them to fit in with your own personal style or wedding theme. For example, you can paint old milk jars in different colors to be used as vases or table centerpieces. Another example would be to use tin cans as lanterns – holes or other patterns can be punched out on the tin cans for a more decorative look.

There are also many possibilities for the overall color palette to be used for the Rustic Wedding. Since nature is the usual landscape for a Rustic Wedding, earth tones, greens, and neutral colors are sure to be a part of a Rustic Wedding’s color palette.   Wedding couples can add to these natural colors, their own favorite hues such as red, shades of purple, blues, pinks, and more, to work well with the theme and design of their wedding.

Last, but not least, many couples try to incorporate an eco-friendly approach while planning their Rustic Weddings, in an effort to preserve nature and the environment. Having a Rustic, yet Eco-Friendly, Wedding can be included in almost every aspect of the Wedding planning. From the type of wedding dress selected (used), to the wedding rings selected (not blood diamond), to using recycled paper for the invitations, to using local vendors for supplies (to reduce carbon footprint), using old items as props (recycling), to serving an organic menu and even using digital photography.

All in all, planning a Rustic Wedding can be as special and unique as the bride and groom are! Let Mother Nature provide a beautiful back drop for the event!


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