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Does the sight of decadent chocolate and aromatic coffee bring you delight?   If the answer is yes then brown might be a color you will want to include in your color scheme for your next party.  This beautiful and rich color is one of the key wedding colors for Fall which makes it perfect for rustic, woodland or autumn wedding themes.  The color brown is very down to earth, friendly and welcoming. It is generally associated with things that are healthy, natural and organic.  Brown is also sensual and sensitive, and gives one a sense of calmness and comfort.  It is a practical and sensible color but exudes a warmth and a richness unparalleled with other colors.  Brown goes well with many colors, such as white, gold, pink, red, green, blue and purple to name a few.  If you are considering using this color for your upcoming wedding and need some great brown wedding favor ideas or brown wedding decorations, then you’ve come to the right place!  Sophie’s Favors and Gifts has an impressive collection of brown products that will help you with your special event.  Please click on a product below for more information.

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