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Blue is a color that appeals to so many people.  A color found in water and sky…blue soothes the soul and creates a serene frame of mind.  It is also the color of the heavens and it uplifts us to a place of spiritual calm and true devotion. Blue can be like the old denim jeans we wear – casual, comfortable and dependable.  Finally, blue can be intelligent, conservative and trustworthy which is why many people have that blue suit in their closet and why many corporations have blue in their corporate logos.  Needless to say, blue has many complex and contradictory meanings depending on the shade of blue that is used.  Blue goes well with many colors, such as silver, gold, white, yellow, pink and brown to name a few.  If you are considering using this color for your upcoming wedding and need some great blue wedding favor ideas or blue wedding decorations, then you’ve come to the right place!  Sophie’s Favors and Gifts has an impressive collection of blue products that will help you with your special event.  Please click on a product below for more information.

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