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Rustic Weddings

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Rustic Weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. When one thinks of “rustic style”, some things that come to mind are barns, wagons, homemade signs, burlap, lace, mason jars, and wildflowers. The ambiance of a Rustic Wedding can be very diverse – casual or elegant or anything in between, but is sure to have a heartwarming, relaxed, natural, and simply cozy feel. Part of what makes a Rustic Wedding so inviting, are the touches of nature, natural and organic fabrics, homemade food and drinks, and nice yet casual attire. A Rustic Wedding can be styled and tailored...

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Love Of The Day - Tipsy Wine Glasses

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We love these fun Tipsy Wine Glasses ... and so do our customers!  These unique wine glasses are as tipsy as you might be after a little too much wine! Enhance the flavor of your wine and have a good time with these unique Tipsy Wine Glasses. Sold in a set of four, the stemless wine set features a unique construction, enabling a full range of motion without ever losing a drop! Features: Unique swivel bottom, which allows glasses to tilt in a 360 degree range of motion without tipping over. Dimensions: 3.5 in. H x 3.25 in. W / 12oz....

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Love Of The Day - Purple Floral Garter

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We are starting a new feature called Love of the Day, where we will be posting products our customers LOVE.  Customers' favorites change over time, and its always interesting to see what our customers are loving this week.   This Purple Floral Wedding Garter Set is a customers favorite! Made of Eggplant colored satin fabric, this garter set features an eggplant satin bow and rhinestone accent, eggplant chiffon, black French netting, a layered floral embellishment, and a clear gemstone center. This garter set comes with a tossing garter and a keepsake garter. One size fits most.        ...

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Sitewide Sale!

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Take advantage of our Sitewide Sale to purchase your wedding accessories, party favors, stationery, or party supplies. This Sitewide Sale expires on July 31, 2014.

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