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Slice of Cake Shaped Candles - Assorted, cake candles, candle favors, sweet sixteen favors, bridal shower favors, Candles

Slice of Cake Shaped Candles - Assorted

$ 44.99

Entice your guests with these decadent Slice of Cake Shaped Candles. Cut a slice from a triple dark chocolate layer cake, triple milk chocolate, creamy cherry vanilla or all three! Each candle comes packaged in a beautiful gift box that's tied with a ribbon and a thank you tag. Now your guests can have a slice of cake, and take one home too!

The brown cake candle is chocolate scented and the white cake candle is pudding scented. This is an ASSORTED product. We cannot guarantee what amount of each style you will receive with your order. Measures 3in.L x 2in.W x 1 1/2in.H. Burn time is 6 or more hours.

Each cake candle comes in a cake themed gift box tied with a bakery style ribbon and a Thank You tag. The gift box measures 3in.L x 2in.W x 1 1/2in.H.

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