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Seashell Acrylic Favor Boxes with Personalized Labels

$ 58.95

As they say, if you hold a seashell up to your ear, you can hear the sound of the ocean no matter where you are. Although your guests may not hear the ocean with these Seashell Acrylic Boxes, they will hear something better. They will hear the sounds of laughter and feel the love that was shared on your wedding day. With these personalized seashell acrylic boxes, your guests will be reminded of the wonderful times they shared on your special day. The boxes can be used a favors, filled with mini candies and treats of your choice, and reused as keepsakes as your guests forever refill them with their own favorite goodies. CONTENTS NOT INCLUDED. Feel free to fill the favor boxes as you wish.

Boxes arrive separate from the labels. Some assembly required (attaching the self-stick labels to the boxes). The Labels are available in a variety of colors. Max. Characters per line (including spaces): Line 1: 16 Characters (e.g., Sarah & Michael) Line 2: 18 Characters (e.g., June 16, 2017)

Size: 3.5in. x 3.25in. x 0.75in. Each set includes boxes and personalized labels.

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