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Jolene Camouflage Pink Cupcake Wrappers, camouflage cupcake wrappers, military cupcake wrappers, camouflage cupcake sleeves, camouflage cupcake holders, Cupcake - Cookie - Candy Supplies

Jolene Camouflage Pink Cupcake Wrappers

$ 24.99

A pattern to be proud of for your next birthday or military event.

These cupcake wrappers (aka cupcake holders, cupcake sleeves or cupcake band) are easy to assemble. Simply bake or buy your favorite frosted cupcake and set inside cupcake wrapper for an elegant finish.

For presentation purposes only and not appropriate for baking. Fits a standard cupcake. Measures 3.25in. wide and just under 2in. tall.

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