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Gold Monogram Bracelet with Floral Insert

$ 34.95

These lovely Floral Monogram Bracelets make a chic gift for your bridal party! Gold monogram bracelets come packaged in a pretty white gift box with a floral insert of your choice. These 18k plated gold bracelets come with a personalized monogram initial, heart charm, and a glitzy gem! ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This item is gold PLATED. Avoid contact with any type of moisture to prolong life. This includes but is not limited to: lotion, nail polish remover, detergents, chlorine, perfume, sweat. Do not forget to remove the bracelets before showering/swimming. ASSEMBLY: Unscrew the small ball on the bracelet and slide your monogram in. Diameter: 2.75in.

Personalization includes selecting a monogram for each braceleet, as well as the type of insert/box for each one.

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