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Chocolate Cake Shaped Candles - Assorted, cake candles, candle favors, sweet sixteen favors, bridal shower favors, Candles

Chocolate Cake Shaped Candles - Assorted

$ 44.99

Give in to temptation and choose this decadent dessert, layered with rich chocolate and cherries. These Chocolate Cake Shaped Candles are a gift that's sure to make a lasting impression on your guests. Each candle is elegantly packaged in a gift box and tied with a thank you tag. Available in 2 different styles.

This is an ASSORTED product. We cannot guarantee what amount of each style you will receive with your order. Measures 2 1/2in.L x 1 3/4in.W x 2in.H. Burn time is approximately 9 hours.

Each Cake Candle comes in a cake themed gift box tied with a bakery style ribbon and a Thank You tag. The box measures 2 1/4in.L x 1 3/4in.W x 2in.H.

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