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Unity Sand Pouring Ceremony Kit (Decanters) - Sophie's Favors and Gifts

Unity Sand Pouring Ceremony Kit (Decanters)

$ 49.95

To reflect the joining and blending of two lives into one, it is suggested to fill one cylinder with white/neutral sand to represent the couple's spiritual foundation and to fill the other two cylinders each with a different colored sand to represent the individuals.

During the ceremony each color is poured into the tall cylinder one by one (usually the celebrant adds the white/neutral sand first) and then all three are added together at the top to symbolize the union. Kit includes three small 5in. tall, 8 oz. round decanters, a large 5 3/4in. tall, 13.5 oz. round keepsake decanter, corks and paper funnel.

Each small decanter represents bride, groom and officiant or children of the couple; sand from small decanters is blended into larger decanter during ceremony. Sand is not included.

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