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Dracula’s Bite Cupcakes Recipe



One batch of red velvet cupcakes
handful of pomegranate seeds

Cream Cheese Frosting:
2 tablespoons (25g) butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup (125g) cream cheese, at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1/4 cup (125g) confectioner's (icing) sugar

Cherry Sauce:
1 cup (125g) black cherries, very ripe and de-stoned or canned
1/4 cup (50g) superfine (caster) sugar
1/2 cup (120ml) water or juice from the canned cherries, if using
1/2 teaspoon lime juice
1 tablespoon cornstarch (cornflour) or arrowroot


Ideally, always decorate your cakes with ingredients that complement their flavor. These cream-cheese frosted red velvet cupcakes are topped with "blood" made from pulped black cherries and dotted with pomegranate seeds or redcurrants.

To make the frosting, beat the softened butter in a small bowl. Add the cream cheese and blend together until there are no lumps. Add the vanilla extract and gradually beat in the sugar until you have a fairly thick, spreadable consistency. Ice the cupcakes using the back of a dessertspoon and give them a smooth finish.

To make the cherry sauce, blend the cherries in a bowl using an electric hand blender, then place in a medium-sized heavy-based pan with the sugar, water, lime juice, and cornstarch or arrowroot. Heat on medium until the cherries begin to release their liquid, and then slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Reduce to a simmer and heat until the cherry mixture has thickened to the desired consistency (runny enough to pipe but thick enough to prevent bleeding into the frosting). Allow to cool.

Fit a piping bag with a number 67 tip, then pour in the cherry pulp mixture. Insert the tip gently into the frosting to make "bite marks," and then spill the "blood" out over each cake. Dot the finished cakes with pomegranate seeds.

Source: Lily Vanilli's A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

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