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Green Monster Cupcakes Recipe



Tint frosting green and ice the cupcake. Tint fondant green; shape into six curved and tapered arms.  Use white icing and a small round decorating tip to pipe on suckers.  For the bow, tint fondant pink and roll 1/16 inch thick. Cut two 1-1/2x1/4-inch strips. Fold ends toward the center and pinch together. Cut a 1/4-inch strip and wrap the center, flattening the ends on the back.

Roll a small amount of pink fondant for the nose. Pipe on white frosting eyes using a small round tip.  Cut a green fondant eyelid using a knife. Roll white fondant 1/16 inch thick. Using a knife, cut teeth. Attach fondant features using a damp brush.


Pipe on a black frosting nostrils, mouth, pupils, and eyelashes using a small round decorating tip.  To ensure the fondant bows and arms retain their shapes, prepare and let dry for 48 hours before attaching.



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