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Yucca Silk Tree - 5 Feet Tall, yucca tree, yucca plant, artificial yucca tree, fake indoor trees, Floral Arrangements

Yucca Silk Tree - 5 Feet Tall

$ 209.99

This remarkable 5 ft Yucca Silk Tree is one you must have for your own! Its 7 trunks support 172 green leaves, many with a red stripe along the border, as well as new growth. Our designers placed it in an attractive wooden pot topped off with green moss.

Display this gorgeous silk Yucca tree by itself, or make it the centerpiece of an indoor garden!

Height: 5 ft, Width: 30 in, Depth: 24 in, Pot size: Wooden Pot, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 172.

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