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Triple Golden Dieffenbachia With Wood Vase Silk Plant, dieffenbachia, dieffenbachia fake plant, office plants, fake plants, Floral Arrangements

Triple Golden Dieffenbachia With Wood Vase Silk Plant

$ 72.99

This wondrous Golden Leaf Dieffenbachia is sure to bring warmth and cheeriness to any room it graces. Standing slightly over 20 inches high, it’s compact enough to fit on your desk or any small space that needs some sprucing up. Crisp brightly colored leaf centers surrounded by a deep green outline add a nice distinguishing touch.

Nestled in a warm traditional wooden vase, this authentic looking Dieffenbachia silk plant will bring you years of maintenance free pleasure.

Height: 22 in, Width: 20 in, Depth: 18 in, Pot size: W: 9 in, H: 6 in.

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