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Sago Silk Palm Tree - 6 Feet Tall, sago tree, sago palm trees, artificial sago palm, fake palm trees, Floral Arrangements

Sago Silk Palm Tree - 6 Feet Tall

$ 199.99

You’ll want to grab your hammock for an afternoon nap when you spy this flourishing 6 Feet Tall Sago Palm Tree. With 50 lush leaves sporting hundreds of tips, this Tree looks ready to sway in the gentle breeze as the waves of the ocean roll in the background.

The natural looking trunk and decorative pot just add to the tropic feel, making this an all-time favorite.

Height: 6 ft, Width: 40 in, Depth: 40 in, Pot size: W: 10 in, H: 9 in, Trunk type: Artificial-Non-Bendable, Number of leaves: 50 fronds.

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