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Rounded Octagon Decorative Planters - Set of 2, octagon planters, plant pots, plant stand, decorative planters, Floral Arrangements

Rounded Octagon Decorative Planters - Set of 2

$ 89.99

In a set of two (for more decorating possibilities), our Rounded Octagon Planters are sure to add a touch of tropic island decor to any living area. In a decorative mixture of light and dark burgundy, the cross hatch matting creates an interesting pattern sure to delight all who gaze on it.

The design is accented with a soft rounded octagon top in a fine cross hatch pattern.

Small Size Dimensions H: 6.5 in, W: 10 in, D: 10 in, Large Size Dimensions H: 7.5 in, W: 16 in, D: 16 in.

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