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Rosemary Spiral Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 30 Inches Tall, rosemary tree, spiral trees, fake outdoor trees, spiral bush, Floral Arrangements

Rosemary Spiral Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 30 Inches Tall

$ 99.99

Spiraling shrubs have been popular for years, because they are so interesting to look at. And Rosemary makes a great spiral shrub due to its unique fluffy leaves. And we've recreated that look here with this 30 inch tall Rosemary Spiral. Complete with more than 400 faux leaves, this spiral shrub will never need further trimming or shaping (heck, it'll never need water.)

Complete with a black pot, it makes for a perfect decoration for home or office.

Height: 30 in, Width: 9 in, Depth: 9 in, Pot size: W:5.5 in, H: 5 in, Number of leaves: 407.

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