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Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall, rosemary tree, rosemary bush, fake rosemary trees, fake trees, Floral Arrangements

Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall

$ 419.99

Standing proud at 5 feet tall, this Rosemary Spiral is easily one of our more striking offerings. The gentle curves of the soft foliage spiral round and round, perfectly showing off the beauty and majesty that only this twisting evergreen can bring.

Made of the finest materials, this magnificent plant will welcome guests into your home for years to come.

Height: 5 ft, Width: 18 in, Depth: 15 in, Pot size: Plastic Pot: W:10 in, H:8.5 in, Number of leaves: 2184.

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