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Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 4 Feet Tall, rosemary tree, rosemary bush, fake rosemary trees, fake trees, Floral Arrangements

Rosemary Spiral Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 4 Feet Tall

$ 299.99

With its lush green foliage twisting skyward, this Spiral Rosemary commands the attention of all who gaze upon it. Perfectly manicured to look like the real thing, this evergreen represents the pinnacle of horticultural skill, and will fool even the most discerning eye.

And at 4 feet tall, it makes the perfect accent to an entryway or patio.

Height: 4 ft, Width: 12 in, Depth: 10 in, Pot size: Plastic Pot: W:10 in, H:8.5 in, Trunk type: Artificial-Non-Bendable, Number of leaves: 1512.

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