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Robellini Silk Palm Tree - 6 Feet Tall, robellini palm, fake robellini palm tree, fake palm trees, tropical indoor plants, Floral Arrangements

Robellini Silk Palm Tree - 6 Feet Tall

$ 242.95

Here's your classic palm tree look, without having to travel to the tropics to get it. Standing 6 feet tall, this Robellini Palm Tree invokes the feelings of tropical breezes and soft beach music. The stout trunk stands tall, while the more than 600 leaves are ready to dance in the slightest breeze (use a fan for added effect!)

Buy one for yourself and another as a thoughtful gift.

Height: 6 ft, Width: 50 in, Depth: 50 in, Pot size: W: 6.5 in, H: 6 in, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 642.

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