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Raphis Silk Palm Tree - 4 Feet Tall, raphis palm tree, raphis palm trees, artificial palm tree, fake indoor trees, Floral Arrangements

Raphis Silk Palm Tree - 4 Feet Tall

$ 119.99

The perfect addition to your beach-themed room (or anywhere else you want a lush, tropical-looking tree), this Raphis Palm Tree will keep the sun shining year-round.

Standing 48 inches high, and with nearly 200 leaves spilling outward (and combined with the fact that it never needs water), you have a beautiful, year-round decoration. Makes a great gift as well.

Height: 4 ft, Width: 29 in, Depth: 27 in, Pot size: W: 6.75 in, H: 6 in, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 196.

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