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Potted Grass With Decorative Urn Fake Plant (Indoor/Outdoor), fake grass plants, fake grass potted plants, fake outdoor plants, decorative plants, Floral Arrangements

Potted Grass With Decorative Urn Fake Plant (Indoor/Outdoor)

$ 99.99

Say it loud and proud - We love grass!! Left to grow, grass is fluffy, light, and oh-so-lush. And that look has been perfectly captured in this lovely grass in an urn piece that's ideal for any decor - even outdoors!

The grass blades look fresh and crisp, and the decorative urn looks strong and stately. Together, they make the perfect accent piece, ideal for home or office.

Height: 17 in, Width: 11 in, Depth: 11 in, Pot size: W: 7.5 in, H: 10 in.

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