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Plastic Parlour Palm Tree - 4 Feet Tall, palm trees, fake palm trees, fake floor plants, fake office plants, Floral Arrangements

Plastic Parlour Palm Tree - 4 Feet Tall

$ 89.99

The Palm Tree is nature's way of saying welcome to the tropics. Because really, that's usually the first thing you notice when you arrive. And this beautiful recreation is a way to bring the topics to you. With several trunks standing tall, this 4 feet tall tree then erupts into an explosion of palm leaves that will have you looking for your hammock.

Perfect for both home and office.

Height: 45 in, Width: 22 in, Depth: 22 in, Pot size: W: 6.5 in, H: 5.25 in, Trunk type: Artificial-Bendable, Number of leaves: 142.

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