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Phalaenopsis With Colored Jar Vases - Set of 2, orchid flowers, orchid floral arrangement, mothers day gift, mom flower birthday gift, Floral Arrangements

Phalaenopsis With Colored Jar Vases - Set of 2

$ 69.99

Two is better than one, right? We certainly think so, and you'll agree when you gaze upon this set of Phalaenopsis w/ decorative vase. Included are two distinct pieces, each rising more than 20 inches from their beautiful vase (complete with liquid illusion faux water.)

The set is multicolored, meaning you'll get one of each color, doubling your decorating options. Ideal for home or office, this set makes a fine gift as well.

Specifications: Height: 21 in, Width: 6.5 in, Depth: 6 in, Vase: W: 2.5 in, H: 7.5 in. Quantity of 1.

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