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Olive Tree With Vase - Set of 2 - 18 Inches Tall, olive tree plants, olive trees, plants home decorating, olive tree gift, Floral Arrangements

Olive Tree With Vase - Set of 2 - 18 Inches Tall

$ 89.99

This mini Olive tree looks so real, you’re tempted to pull off an olive and pop it into your mouth. Hailing from the Mediterranean Basin, Mini Olive Trees are admired for the long green leaves intermingled with colorful olives throughout the branches.

Standing at 18 inches high, in a white vase with faux soil, you’ll admire this simple and elegant plant no matter the location.

Height: 18 in, Width: 10 in, Depth: 10 in, Pot size: W: 4 in, H: 3.5 in.

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