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Olive Silk Tree - 2.5 Feet Tall, olive tree, olive trees, fake floor plants, artificial trees, Floral Arrangements

Olive Silk Tree - 2.5 Feet Tall

$ 119.99

This two foot Olive Tree looks so realistic, you’ll find yourself wondering if the olives are ready to eat. Native to the warm Mediterranean Basin, Olive trees have long been admired for the rich combination of multi-hued emerald leaves against a collage of various colored olives resting high above pale colored trunks.

This tree is no different, except you never have to worry about upkeep. It’s beautiful forever!

Height: 2.5 ft, Width: 19 in, Depth: 19 in, Pot size: W: 5 in, H: 4.5 in, Number of leaves: 690 Lvs.

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