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Multi Bambusa Bamboo Silk Tree - 4 Feet Tall, bambusa bamboo, bambusa bamboo tree, artificial bamboo trees, fake bamboo, Floral Arrangements

Multi Bambusa Bamboo Silk Tree - 4 Feet Tall

$ 99.99

Keep your yin and yang in complete harmony with this gorgeous Multi Bambusa Bamboo Tree. The perfect choice for any Asian decorating theme, this handsome tree can be used alone as a focal point for your home foyer or place it in your living room alongside a decorative Shoji screen.

A mix of authentic designed trunks supports seven-hundred lush vibrant hued leaves. At 4 feet tall, it’s large enough to make a statement yet small enough for easy transporting.

Height: 4 ft, Width: 30 in, Depth: 30 in, Pot size: W: 6 in, H: 5 in, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 700.

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