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Mixed Cattleya and Hydrangea Silk Arrangement, Cattleya Flowers, hydrangea flowers, flowers gift, mothers day gifts, Floral Arrangements

Mixed Cattleya and Hydrangea Silk Arrangement

$ 99.99

One of the most beautiful fax arrangements we’ve done is now available. Combining delicate, fluted Catleya blooms with billowy hydrangeas results in an explosion of pure color and texture, and will make even the most discerning flower lover smile.

This arrangement bursts forth from an attractive black vase, giving it an elegance that is unmatched. Whether it’s used as a centerpiece, accent, or even a gift, this arrangement is sure to be a hit.

Height: 18 in, Width: 13 in, Depth: 12 in, Vase: W: 6 in, H: 5.75 in. Quantity of 1.

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