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Golden Dieffenbachia With Basket Silk Plant - 42 Inches, golden dieffenbachia, dieffenbachia plant, fake floor plants, fake indoor plants, Floral Arrangements

Golden Dieffenbachia With Basket Silk Plant - 42 Inches

$ 94.99

Does your office lack a focal point? At 3.5 feet tall, this illuminating Golden Leaf Dieffenbachia silk plant is sure to become the center of attention. Bold, brilliantly colored leaves are the secret to this plant's success. Jokingly coined the Mother in Law Plant, you won't have to worry about your pets ingesting any harmful milky sap from this authentic reproduction.

A charming wicker basket filled with moss adds a nice finishing touch.

Height: 42 in,Width: 22 in, Depth: 21 in, Pot size: W: 10 in, H: 9 in.

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