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Giant Agave Fake Plant - 52 Inches, agave plant, fake agave plant, fake indoor plants, agave plant decoration, Floral Arrangements

Giant Agave Fake Plant - 52 Inches

$ 209.95

The Agave has long been a favorite of nature lovers everywhere. It's bold and beautiful, but also incredibly eclectic, giving a definitive prehistoric vibe. This amazing recreation is a full 52in. high, and contains 17 distinct leaves, full of the spiny lushness that makes this plant so unique.

It's ideal for both home and office decoration, and as a bonus, will stay looking great for years to come, without water or care.

Height: 52 in, Width: 21 in, Depth: 21 in, Pot size: W: 7 in, H: 5.75 in.

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