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Dracena With Basket Silk Plant (Real Touch) - 62 Inches, Dracaena plant, dracena plants, fake floor plants, fake plants, Floral Arrangements

Dracena With Basket Silk Plant (Real Touch) - 62 Inches

$ 259.99

Transform your dull office into a jungle safari with this beautiful African Dracaena. Unlike other silk creations, this expertly crafted piece both looks and feels real to the touch. Three bushels of pin-striped ribbon style leaves bow gracefully forward.

Over 5' high, this lovely ornamental plant will flourish maintenance-free in any environment. A stylish bamboo planter is the perfect compliment for this sub-Saharan beauty.

Height: 62 in, Width: 32 in, Depth: 32 in, Pot size: W: 12 in, H: 10.75 in.

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