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Dracaena With Basket Silk Plant (Real Touch) - 48 Inches, Dracaena plant, Dracaena plants, fake floor plants, fake office plants, Floral Arrangements

Dracaena With Basket Silk Plant (Real Touch) - 48 Inches

$ 102.95

Towering in at 4 feet high, this lovely Dracaena plant is a treasure to behold. Slender fresh green leaves bow forward in every direction. Authentic style stems covered with rich foliage create a look that can't be imitated. This plant not only looks natural but feels real to the touch too.

A decorative wicker basket filled with artificial moss will have you reaching for the watering can.

Height: 48 in, Width: 23 in, Depth: 26 in, Pot size: W: 10 in, H: 9 in.

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