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Cypress Ball and Cone Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall, cypress topiary, fake cypress tree, fake topiary, artificial topiary, Floral Arrangements

Cypress Ball and Cone Silk Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall

$ 269.99

Reminiscent of the entrances and patios of exclusive Mediterranean restaurants, our Cypress Ball and Cone is stately and elegant. Standing over five feet tall and made to resemble evergreen cypress, this potted plant will proudly grace your home's front entranceway, lending an air of distinction.

For an even more stunning effect, pair them on either side of an entryway.

Height: 5 ft, Width: 16 in, Depth: 16 in, Pot size: Plastic Pot: W: 10 in, H: 9 in.

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