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Cycas Tree UV Resistant Fake Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet, cycas plant, fake outdoor plants, cycas tree, fake cycas tree, Floral Arrangements

Cycas Tree UV Resistant Fake Tree (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet

$ 259.95

Here's a tropical / jungle tree that looks so real, you'll be reaching for your machete to get through (we're kidding - put the machete down!) This Cycas tree stands 5 feet in height, and is it ever pretty. With a beautiful trunk that explodes into green, leafy fronds, this is an ideal home or office decoration.

Plus, it's weather and UV resistant, making it a perfect indoor / outdoor decorating option. Makes a fine gift, too.

Height: 5 ft, Width: 59 in, Depth: 59 in, Pot size: W: 7 in, H: 7 in.

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