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Croton Topiary Silk Tree - 4.5 Feet Tall, croton tree, croton plants, artificial croton plant, fake topiary, Floral Arrangements

Croton Topiary Silk Tree - 4.5 Feet Tall

$ 109.99

Positively Jurassic in look, this Croton Topiary tree is definitely one of our most interesting offerings. Featuring large leaves in a multitude of greens, yellows and crimsons, this striking specimen will have you thinking you’ve traveled back in time. Or, at the least, traveled to a place where exotics like this are an everyday occurrence.

Standing 4 and a half feet tall and sporting 216 leaves, this silk tree looks great in any home or office setting.

Height: 4.5 ft, Width: 20 in, Depth: 20 in, Pot size: W: 8 in, H: 7, Trunk type: Artificial-Bendable, Number of leaves: 216.

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