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Cedar Column Topiary Fake Plant - 19 Inches, cedar topiary, cedar column, fake cedar plant, fake floor plants, Floral Arrangements

Cedar Column Topiary Fake Plant - 19 Inches

$ 89.99

Cedar makes such an excellent decoration. This is because the lush greenery is always a strong presence, and the shrub takes shaping very well, too. We've captured that essence in this matchless column topiary. Standing tall at 19in., the square column shape represents strength and dignity, while also reminding us of nature's beauty.

Complete with a square black pot, it'll never need reshaping or water.

Height: 19 in, Width: 5 in, Depth: 5 in, Pot size: W: 5.5 in, H: 4.5 in, D: 5.5 in, Number of leaves: 336.

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