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Bougainvillea Topiary With Wood Box Fake Plant, bougainvillea fake plant, fake bougainvillea flowers, fake bougainvillea topiary, fake indoor plants, Floral Arrangements

Bougainvillea Topiary With Wood Box Fake Plant

$ 88.99

Feast your eyes on this lovely silk Bougainvillea topiary. A cupola shaped top filled with a mix of dainty pastel flowers and lush greenery sets the stage for this stunning creation. Detailed leaf covered vines extend the entire length of the stem, creating an authentic natural image.

A rustic wooden country planter overflowing with cascading stems is a nice accent to this unique topiary masterpiece.

Height: 34 in, Width: 22 in, Depth: 22 in, Pot size: W: 7 in, H: 6.5 in.

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