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Bougainvillea Silk Tree - 6 Feet Tall, bougainvillea, bougainvillea tree, artificial bougainvillea tree, fake trees, Floral Arrangements

Bougainvillea Silk Tree - 6 Feet Tall

$ 379.99

Add this Bougainvillea Silk Tree to your collection and have the best of both worlds – a beautiful artificial tree with colorful silk flowers. This 6 ft eye-catcher boasts 484 flowers and 1,802 leaves that include dark green mature leaves and lighter green new growth.

The trunks and branches are bent realistically giving the tree its Nearly Natural look. The tree is contained in a black plastic pot covered with moss.

Height: 6 ft, Width: 37 in, Depth: 37 in, Pot size: Non-Decorative Nursery Pot, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 1802.

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