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Boston Fern With Decorative Wood Vase Silk Plant, fern, fake fern, fake floor plants, fake office plants, Floral Arrangements

Boston Fern With Decorative Wood Vase Silk Plant

$ 119.99

An abundance of lavishly designed fronds cover the spines of this exotic Boston fern. Dream of a vacation in the tropics as you gaze at this beautifully tailored creation. Bright green leaves sprouting forth inspire a look that's both eclectic yet attractive.

A full 33 inches tall, this plant will make a bold statement in your office or home decor. A stylish wood vase adds a touch of Asian appeal to this highly popular fern.

Height: 33 in, Width: 32 in, Depth: 32 in, Pot size: W: 8.5 in, H: 17.5 in.

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