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Bird Nest Silk Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall, bird nest tree, birds nest trees, fake outdoor trees, fake office plants, Floral Arrangements

Bird Nest Silk Tree UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor) - 5 Feet Tall

$ 289.99

This bird nest fern tree is exactly what the doctor ordered (if the doctor was ordering a great looking home or office decor, that is.) Standing a full five feet in height, this lush looking fern has 90 beautiful leaves that gently cascade over and out.

Fully UV resistant, it'll look great anywhere, even your back patio, without water or care. Makes an ideal gift as well.

Height: 5 ft, Width: 27 in, Depth: 27 in, Pot size: W: 7.5 in, H: 7 in, Number of leaves: 90.

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