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Biggy Bamboo Silk Tree - 3 Feet Tall, bamboo tree, bamboo trees, artificial bamboo trees, fake tropical trees, Floral Arrangements

Biggy Bamboo Silk Tree - 3 Feet Tall

$ 99.99

Picture yourself on a tropical island getaway as you admire this elegantly styled Biggy Bamboo Tree. Despite its name, this 3 foot palm fits nicely in any small space. Over four-hundred rich bold ample sized leaves embellish this small but majestic looking tree.

All natural neutral-toned trunks are a nice compliment to the lush greenery. Standing gracefully in a basic black planter, this lovely bamboo makes a wonderful addition to any home or office space.

Height: 3 ft, Width: 28 in, Depth: 28 in, Pot size: W: 6.5 in, H: 6 in, Trunk type: Natural, Number of leaves: 490.

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