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Artificial Cedar Spiral With Urn (Indoor/Outdoor) - 31 Inches Tall, cedar tree, cedar bush, fake cedar plant, spiral bush, Floral Arrangements

Artificial Cedar Spiral With Urn (Indoor/Outdoor) - 31 Inches Tall

$ 149.99

The Cedar is a favorite of nature lovers everywhere due to its versatility. And nowhere is that more evident than in a spiral cedar. This lovely recreation gently twists and curves upward from the included decorative urn. Best of all, this masterpiece will maintain its shape and beauty, with nary a drop of water or care.

It's an indoor / outdoor offering as well, meaning it can grace just about any area of your home or office. Makes a fine gift as well.

Height: 31 in, Width: 8 in, Depth: 8 in, Pot size: W: 8 in, H: 10.5 in, Number of leaves: 452.

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