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Black Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit

$ 34.99

Let your favorite friends prepare for the worst while looking their best with our super chic Black Bridesmaid Clutch with Survival Kit. With its over the top trend appeal and ultra functional nature, this is one wedding day detail your bridesmaids won't want to go without. Equipped with all the right survival accessories - from band aids and bobby pins to sewing kits and breath mints - and designed in plush matte satin, it's no wonder why this unique gift is such a well anticipated product!

This sleek clutch is fashioned in matte satin and features zip and snap closures. This Bridesmaid clutch includes the following survival kit items: 2 band aids, 4 bobby pins, towlette, matchbox styled sewing kit, breath mint and travel size Kleenex pack. Measures 10 inches wide by 5 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick. Materials: Matte satin.

Available in Black.

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